Driving Tests Tips to Aid you through your test

·        First and foremost make sure the car you use for test is road worthy with all paperwork up to date and legal. Check lights tyres etc., are working correctly.

·         Shoes make a big difference to pedals, wear the same shoes you practice in

·        Know your rules of road, be able to identify road signs/markings, hand signals, stopping distances, etc.

·        Make sure you know your car in and out

·        Safety checks are a must, observations when moving off, at roundabouts, at junctions, overtaking and when changing lanes

·        Always stop at a stop sign making sure never to stop over the white line on road

·        Secure vehicle when stopped at lights or when waiting in traffic (handbrake)

·        Make sure you have biting point before releasing handbrake

·        Always anticipate other road users and look well in to the road ahead, remember your all round observations.  Be aware of potential hazards.  Don’t forget your blind spots over left or right shoulder. Remember to peek and creep at closed junctions.  Observations are key in becoming a safe and confident driver.  A good driver will constantly scan the road ahead and to the side and frequent use of ones mirrors.  Being aware of what is going on behind you.  Always take a quick glance to left before turning right and vice versa.

·        As soon as directed take up correct position in lane when turning left or right and remember your safety position on the straight, using your mirrors and signals when required

·        Make sure to maintain a legal and safe speed.  Observing road traffic and conditions, slow down, stop if necessary. Show courtesy where possible

·        For your manoeuvres remember turning points.  Key is to take your time, stop for other road users where necessary and then continue manoeuvre. Don’t forget observations at all times.  Be confident

·        Careful not to coast on approach to junctions and when gearing down in traffic.  Use gears correctly, listen to your vehicle.  (Gears are for going, brake is for stopping)

·        Be confident and stay calm.  Open window if you feel too hot or flustered.

Approved Galway Driving Instructor. ADI 37865