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Road Safety in Ireland in 2015

Driving Whilst Banned

Court lifts cap on fines for Dangerous Drivers in Uk - New Highway Code Fines

Off-Road Fun for all


Changes in Penalty points

RSA -Learner Drivers Information

New speeding law for Cyclists

Number of Learner Permits allowed before taking Driving Test

RSA Test Pass Rate

RSA information on "N" Plate - Novice Driver

"N" plate introduction for newly qualified Drivers from 1st August 2014

NDLS Appointment Link for Driver Licence/Learner Permit

Unattended kids left in cars in hot weather

Rules of the Road

UK Highway Code 

Texting while driving outlawed from May 1st 2014. Mandatory Court appearance.


Driving in Ireland for American tourists

NDLS site map - beside Schneider Electrics, City East Business Park

Road Ready Directory

How to apply for your Driver Theory test (B Car)

Driver Theory Test material

Driving Licence information from NDLS

Application form for Driving Licence D401

Application form for Learner Permit D201

A Must Watch- Baby Drivers

Applying for your Theory Test

Applying for your Driving Test

Road Ready

ADI Directory

Drivers today

AA Road updates http://www.theaa.ie/AA/AA-Roadwatch.aspx

RSA (Road Safey Authority)

The RSA are responsible for road safety and driver training.

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